Selected Publications (*student co-author)

We have studied how age-related decline in working memory is associated with older adults’ ability to understand and process written and illustrated health information, how exercise (resistance exercise, functional exercise, task-oriented exercise) may help older adults maintain their physical function and prevent late-life disability, activities of daily living, hand function and aging, and the effects of occupational therapy on the activities of daily living in older adults. 

Cognitive aging and health literacy

Liu, C.-J., & William, A. (2014). What factors are related to understanding a stereoscopic 3D diabetes educational video in seniors? Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine, 37, 65-73. doi:10.3109/17453054.2014.981799

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3-Step Workout for Life logoPhysical exercise and functional outcome

Liu, C-J., Donovan, J., & *Wolford, C.L. (2020). Feasibility of staff-led 3-Step Workout for Life to reduce late-life ADL disability: A community-based translational study. International Journal of Rehabilitation Research, 43, 141-147. doi: 10.1097/MRR.0000000000000396

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Hand function and aging

Wang, Y.C., Kapellusch, J., Rahman, M.H., Lehman, L., Liu, C-J., & Chang, P.-F. (2021). Psychometric evaluation of the Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder and Hand (DASH) in patients with orthopedic shoulder impairments seeking outpatient. Journal of Hand Therapy, 34, 404-414.

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Activities of daily living and aging

Liu, C-J., Change, P-S., Griffith, C.F., *Hanley, S.I., & Lu, Y. (2021). The nexus of sensory loss, cognitive impairment, and functional decline in older adults: A scoping review. Gerontologist, gnab082.

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Occupational therapy and older adults

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